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soon to be our Living Room, soon to be our Living Room this is the house we just purchased and an initial photo we took of the living room. The photo was taken towards the evening so unfortunately the large window is not letting in the great natural light into the room at the time. , Living Rooms
Library, This room is adjacent to the main foyer.  It was originally presented as a formal living room by the previous owners.  As we could not see the relevance of a room so formal in our lifestyle we chose to repurpose it as a library., Living Rooms
Living room/kitchen combo, Living room and kitchen are one open space.  Plan to paint wall behind fireplace red but would love some suggestions for the wall behind the television.  May eventually get a flat screen but for now it's very bare., Living Rooms
bathroom need change, This 60's style bathroom I need to change. any suggestion for a small budget?, Bathrooms
Guest Room for under $300 budget, Made an asian inspired guest room.  Was given $300.00 for the whole room to give it a different look., Bedrooms
Electronic Entertainment, This space started out as an empty rectangle with no furnishings.  I needed to place a large LP collection within easy reach so that I could use it (to burn CD's for personal use) and this grew from there.  All sound and video media is stored here and some vintage gear (and not so vintage) set to be used!, Living Rooms