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Total Uploads: 40

How do you decorate a very large wall??, We just moved into our new home and we love it.  There is one BIG problem,  I have no idea what or how to decorate the big family area.  This is about an 18' wall and the stairway is also a blank slate.  I don't even know where to begin to look.  Any ideas?, Decorating
Ugly Fireplace, My fireplace is just ugly! Idk what to do to modernize it any. I just want it to be decent to look at. I am embarrassed to have people over with this as the main eye-sore in my home :( Help!, Decorating
peeling above window, rental Home, cheap decorating ideas to hide, We have just moved into a rental Home and we have the ok to paint or paper etc.. had some leaking above picture window so the paint its peeling and/or bubbly. I'd like to just hide it but because of the way the ceiling/wall is I'm not sure how. Any cheap diy ideas?, Decorating
This Brick Wall Needs Help!!, 1970's Big Red Brick Fireplace Wall needs a facelift. For starters the mantle is this big railroad tie. The decor on and above the mantel OMG it needs help. We've lived with it this way for 11 years. I need help! We have 1.5 years left before we are relocated for work, but I'd like to be able to enjoy it for a little while. Do we paint the brick, drywall over the top half, stone veneer over it...Open to ideas., Decorating
Window Treatment Worries, I have a small bedroom with 2 very differently sized windows with very limited space around them.  They need some sort of treatment (not for privacy, just to look finished).  Help!, Decorating
Terrarium on the rocks?, Our house has a unique rock formation in the entryway.  It has soil in it about 3' deep.  I tried to put houseplants in it-but, this area faces north & there is a covered porch, so, it gets little to no light.  Even low light plants would not grow.  My husband wanted to put grow lights-but, I think it would look tacky with tube lights hanging from the ceiling. I also thought of putting a small fish pond here, but, once again, no light (& we have a cat).  Now, he wants to take out the rocks altogether-I think it's too unique-plus our living room is nature themed.  Help?!, Decorating

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