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Total Uploads: 19

Dim Bulb when Light switch is off, The ceiling light is dim when the switch in the utility room is off.  There is another light on the same circuit in the garage that also goes on when I place a light buib in one of the two sockets of the light fixture.   There is a third light on that circuit in the kitchen that is 'dead'  nothing happens to it whether the light.  I was thinking of replacing the light fixture as it is years old.  The light switch in the utility room seems fine as does the kitchen switch.  Any ideas?, Electrical
3 way dimmer, I want to add a light over the sink I have a 3 way dimmer switch how can I run the power from an existing outlet to power the light, Electrical
New outlet assistance, In the house my boyfriend and I just purchased I noticed a light fixture needed to be added but I'm not sure what to do.  The ceiling is to low for a fan so a light is all we can install.  Can someone please let me know what I need to get the light fixture installed.  The instructions didn't cover new installation hole., Electrical
Wiring lights for porch and garage, I have a switch in my kitchen and one in my garage that controls the garage lights and the porch light, I can cut the lights on or off from either switch. people did the roof and messed up the pipe the wires was in didn't know till way after job was done when the wires got wet and the power went out to the garage. I ran new piping and wire I tried to mar wires as best as possible.  Wen the power acted crazy I unhooked the switches and the plug / electrical socket. I'm trig to hook it back together.


Thank You!!, Electrical
Replacing Lights with Textured Ceiling- Covering Holes, We are renovating our kitchen. The kitchen has a fluorescent light we are taking down. We are putting in can lights but we need to find a solution to cover the hole after the fluorescent light comes down. We can't fill the hole with a can light since the upstairs floor joist is directly above the hole. The ceiling is textured (not popcorn) and can't be patched easily. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we can do to cover this hole?, Electrical
Lighting up Moroccan Lanterns, I have a series of empty Moroccan lanterns hanging from the ceiling in my living room. I would like to be able to turn them all on in one step (flipping a switch or plugging something in.)  Does anyone know of a product that would give the look of real candles and allow me to space the lights as needed?  As you can see from the pictures, the space between lanterns is more than the standard distance than most strings of lights have.  Thanks!, Electrical

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