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Total Uploads: 31

Converted Bedroom Needs Soundproof Door, I recently moved into a new rental apartment in New York CIty.  My bedroom used to be the front living room, so it's huge, but it's separated from the den/kitchen area by a very wide doorway, which currently has two bifold closet doors.  The doors are paper thin and don't reach the floor beneath, so neither rooms is sound insulated.  I'd like to have sound privacy in my room.  Is there a way I can relatively cheaply do that?  I'm not opposed to installing a solid door of some kind (nor is my landlord), I just don't want to blow a whole lot of money on it., Windows, Walls & Doors
Vinyl walls in modular home., We are considering buying a modular home and while my realtor assures me modular and mobile homes are completely different and do not pose the issue or depreciation of the mobile homes,  the home has the typical mobile home vinyl walls with the strips. I want them gone, the strips the vinyl all of it. I want standard drywall, as far as I understand there is drywall under the vinyl? Is there a way to just remove the vinyl or is it smarter to just demo all the walls and put up new drywall?, Windows, Walls & Doors
HELP! Carpet on the wall stuck on with contact cement, We just bought and are currently moving in to a beautiful old stone farmhouse house from the 1750's but the problem is the former homeowner covered the walls with carpet in four of the rooms.The worst part, she used contact cement to stick it to the walls. I'm looking for any suggestions for getting if off, we've taken it off in one of the rooms and it created a huge mess! My father in law is a professional painter, but he's never seen anything like this before, currently he's trying covering it up with a heavy duty primer followed by a Venetian plaster finish but I would like smooth walls in the other rooms if at all possible. Any suggestions?, Windows, Walls & Doors
Old Door Needs New Hardware, I am in the process of purchasing a house in an older neighborhood in Metro Detroit. My main concern is with the front door of the house. I want to replace the locks when I take ownership of the house, but there seems to be an issue. It looks like the door hardware is built into the door. I do not want to remove the door from the house because it gives it an awesome look, but I will if I have to. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this built-in door hardware?, Windows, Walls & Doors
Need advice on Window shade, I have a half moon window that is oddly shaped (with the wall to match around it) that needs a covering/curtain. My issue arises with the wall so I cannot put a traditional curtain up or window shade - at least from what I have found. Looking for anyones advice on how to get around this to put up some shade. Window in the middle is 27 3'4 in, and length is 102'. Please check the photo to get a better idea of my issue., Windows, Walls & Doors
How can I hang my TV with no cords being visible?, Great wall in livingroom, would like to hanf TV above fireplace.  Soooo, how can I achieve this without cords being visible with the cable outlet accross the rrom on the right below the window? And the plug outlet.....on the left.  , Windows, Walls & Doors

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